Atmospheres EP

by Coloured Lines

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Atmospheres is an EP of music that I have been coming back and forth to since the summer. It is completely free to download as a thank you to everyone's amazing support of the music that I am creating. Some of these songs I couldn't complete due to a data loss but I hope that you enjoy them in this form.

I hope that you enjoy it and don't forget to press the LIKE button! I have also included sheet music for the track 'Atmospheres' so feel free to cover the song or remix it or whatever :)

Artwork used with kind permission by Holly Henry © All Rights Reserved

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released April 15, 2011

Vocals, Keys, Guitars, Strings, Bass, Drums, Programming and Sampling by Adam Greenhead

Composed by Adam Greenhead
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Adam Greenhed

Live Instrumental recorded by Simon Humphries

Pianos: Robert Davis
Guitars and Glockenspiel: Joshua Appleby
Violins: Tori Campbell
Flute: Josh Bentham
Bass: Adam Greenhead
Drums: Simon Humphries

Arranged by Robert Davis and Adam Greenhead




Coloured Lines Whitstable, UK

Coloured Lines is a minimal movement from the composer, academic and bass player Adam Greenhead. Influenced by the likes of Radiohead to Four Tet there is something here amid the black and white.

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Track Name: Atmospheres
(Close your eyes . . . your eyes)

Stage fright
I don't want to be under the spot light
There's an atmosphere
Coming near

Close your eyes
To your life

(Shifting on and out)

Shifting on and out
Tell me
Without a shade of doubt

Don't close your eyes
Time wears out

(Shifting on and out)
Track Name: Trees On The Hill
(There are) People that'll know
(There are) How fucked up you are
(There are) You're not under control
(There are) I'm dying . . . To cut your throat

(There are) People that'll know
(There are) How fucked up you are
(There are) Hang with my rope
(There are) Around your suffocating throat

Trees on the hill
I murdered you next to them
Trees on the hill
I buried you next to them